Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hello World!

Well, this is my first post on "The Crazy Teacher." It is my first blog, and I'm not sure if I will have enough discipline to keep it up, or if anyone will ever read it. But that's OK...I think this is more to be cathartic than to be read. And if people read it, then great. If not...oh well.

First about me. As you can tell from the title of the blog, I am a) a little crazy and b) a teacher. Specifically, I teach kindergarten in Texas. If you are a paranoid parent who has found this on Google and are worried that I am your kid's teacher, let me assure you now...I will never post my kids' names, faces, or anything identifying. I am much more likely to rant about the state of the school system, parents, life, and the world in general. So even if I am your kid's won't find him or her here. But maybe if you are a parent, or know a parent, or are even thinking about having kids, and you read this, it will make you think about children and their teachers and how different it is to be a kid or raise a kid in today's world. It isn't easy. It never was, actually. But some parents seem to think it is, or should be, and don't/won't/can't put the work required into raising a child to be responsible, polite, and not completely screwed up. Some parents have still got it right, but so many don't seem to have a clue. Even the ones who care and want to. What is scary is the parents who don't care. But I digress. And if you are wondering about life, I don't have kids. But celibate priests offer marriage counseling, right? Same thing.

The school year is winding down...9 days to go. Anyone who tells you we teachers aren't counting the days is lying. We are :)

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