Monday, February 18, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I want to start posting my menus, but the days are just for reference. We really just keep a list on the fridge of what we can make this week, and pick nightly. Needless to say, most of our dinners are not fancy :) Check out today's Menu Plan Monday at I'm an Organizing Junkie.

Monday: Smoked Sausage & Mac and Cheese
Tuesday: Lasagna, Salad, and Garlic Toast
Wednesday: Snack night...queso and sausage balls
Thursday: Chicken Pot Pie
Friday: Baked Chimichangas
Saturday: Homemade pizza

Lunches for me: leftover mac and cheese and quesadillas (not together!)
Oooh, I am sooooo lacking in veggies :(


Connie said...

Your menu looks really yummy!

Have a wonderful week!!

PlanningQueen said...

Most of meals are not fancy as well. I tend to lean towards quick healthy and the kids like it!

Heather said...

I hope you liked the chimichangas, my kids love them.