Monday, May 11, 2009


Am I ever going to blog consistently? Who knows. But I do like to come across this thing every once in a while and swear to do better. Hey, at least it is like a journal, showing me a snapshot of where I was a year (or more!) ago.

This year? Still eating out wayyyy too much. Grrr. When we work on it, we are great. The problem is, we eventually say "screw it" and eat out twice a day for a couple of weeks. The hubby's crazy schedule doesn't help....not that is crazy by design...he is just a workaholic. Good thing we don't have kids yet.

So, I've been counting calories (good gravy, am I OOOOOOOOOver for today!!!), and I've been doing great with that. So maybe I'll start blogging more. Maybe everytime I sit down to catalog my cheesy sins (and yes...I am fat because of the cheese. I never realized how much I ate!!!), I'll post, too. Probably ramblings. Maybe I'll go back to participating in Mr. Linky type things. Who knows. Maybe it'll be another year before I'm hear again. If so...right now, life is good. Just wanted me to know that.


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