Sunday, March 9, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I know I'm not posting this on Monday, so sue me. Monday is not when I plan my menus, so getting them up before Monday just makes sense, too. Maybe this week I'll be somewhere before number 200 on Mr. Linky.

In no particular order:
Homemade pizza
Chicken stirfry
French onion chops and green beans
Pecan crusted pollack & spinach salad (pollack is on sale at HEB)
Oven fried chicken and corn souffle
Marlboro Man chicken sandwiches
Parmesan chicken and pasta or rice


PlanningQueen said...

I generally plan for two weeks, but link up each Monday. A very tasty sounding week for you.

Connie said...

I do my menu plan on Sunday too! So...I've got your back if there is a problem with it. LOL!

Have a great week!

Katrine said...

I've made the Marlboro Man sandwiches. Yummy!

Amanda Wheeler said...

My husband LOVES Marlboro Man sandwiches! YUM!


Rona's Home Page said...

I really enjoy fish and try to include it at least once a week.