Saturday, February 5, 2011

And now its Saturday

I haven't posted since Tuesday.  Whoops.  Wednesday I stayed just under calories.  Thursday, I did not.  Like, by a lot.  It was baaaad.  Went to OTB with the ladies, then came home and had donuts and milk, and then the hubby wanted Taco Bueno (after we went driving in the snow!!).  That's something I HAVE to work on...not eating when he does, and not feeling resentful when he eats around me.  Sux.  So much of my eating is emotional.  They say loosing weight is just math...3500 calories less or burned is 1 pound lost.  Not so simple for me.

On the good side, I stayed under on Friday, a true snow day, and again today.  But I did so by sleeping late and not doing much all day.  I've had some pretty cockamamie ideas the last couple of days (Ummm...when's the last time I had a happy pill?  Need to quit screwing around and get back on a schedule with those so I can remember if I've had them, and keep up with them!).  One obviously being, if I sleep a whole lot, I won't eat a lot of calories, right?  I know...doesn't work that way.  The other being, pick one food, and eat all of your calories that day in that food.  My idea is that after 3 or 4 servings of one thing (even ice cream), I'm going to be sick of it and stop eating.  But then won't that just throw me off into eating whatever I want even worse?  And what do I do...plan what's for dinner, but make it in advance and eat it all day preceding dinner?   WTF, right?  But, at least (I say in my head), if you get sick and tired of carrots on Monday, that's your calories in apples or ice cream or something else Tuesday.

One day (I can't remember which) where all my meals were great, very reasonable in calories, and so I had like 1100 calories to "play" with...snack on.  And I still came in barely on target.  I think that's it...I'm a total snacker.  I need to find a way to use that to my advantage.

And now, tomorrow is the Super Bowl.  Hmph.  We'll have to see how that goes.

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